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About us

We are not a single person, we are a team!

With over 15 years of gastronomic experience, we took over the restaurant in Oberstdorf on 30.12.2022. Since then, we have been doing our best to offer our guests a great experience.

What can you expect from us?

Innenraum Restaurant

Enough space to eat!

Nobody likes to be claustrophobic while eating, do they?
That's why we offer our guests separate seating.


With 110 seats inside and an additional 150 seats outside, we also ensure a spacious atmosphere.

This guarantees that your neighbor won't be sitting on your lap ;)

Good food and a good time!


With us you shall want for nothing!

We won't chat you up, don't worry! But if you have a wish, we will do our best to fulfill it!

In Summer we setup a playground for out little guests.

Gedeckter Tisch Restaurant

Delicious beverages far and wide


Oberstdorfer Panorama

Enjoy a view of the Oberstdorf panorama.
From inside in winter and up close from outside in summer!

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